Excellent Service Provider of Mini-Splits System in Bonney Lake, WA

Discover the advantages of energy-efficient mini-splits; Bonney Lake, WA, heating and cooling company Pristine Air Services wants you to learn more about mini-splits air conditioners. Mini-splits give you and your family quiet cooling and the ability to choose how much air conditioning you need separately for each room in your home.

Best MIni-Splits System in Bonney Lake, WA

Premier Mini-Splits System Service in Bonney Lake, WA

Mini-splits systems are similar to central air conditioning in their ability to cool the whole house using one external air conditioning unit. However, the mini-split system uses individual wall-mounted air conditioning units to effectively and efficiently deliver cool air to each room.

Pristine Air Services is the Mini-Splits contractor Bonney Lake, WA residents call when they need maintenance on their mini-splits system or an upgrade. You can trust our experienced technicians to give you the best mini-splits technology and service so that you and your family can keep energy bills down and enjoy your summers.

Mini-Splits System Service in Bonney Lake, WA

When they call our service technicians for mini-Splits services, Bonney Lake, WA homeowners know that they are getting a complete package of services. We look over every part of your air conditioning system and investigate any possible sources of inefficiency or future problems. Our service checklist includes each of the following.

  • filter cleaning
  • pipe cleaning and inspection
  • temperature sensor calibration
  • heat pump maintenance
  • compressor maintenance
  • clearing of debris from the external unit

Our experienced technicians do more than just tick boxes. They understand how the different parts of mini-split systems work together, helping them catch subtle problems that other contractors might miss.

Affordable Mini-Splits System in Bonney Lake, WA

Mini-splits are convenient and energy-efficient, but they carry significant financial investment. The cost of a mini-split is often higher than other types of air conditioning systems. If you already have central air, installing pipes to replace the ductwork is a significant expense.

Pristine Air Services is a part of the Bonney Lake, WA community, and we are proud to be its #1  Mini-Splits service provider; Bonney Lake, WA, residents know that we can keep costs down. We use our experience with mini-split technology and our relationships with suppliers to find air conditioning units that fit our customers’ budgets. 

Mini-Splits System Installation Service in Bonney Lake, WA

If costs are a concern, you can rest assured that Pristine Air Services will make every effort to ensure that your new mini-split system installation will go smoothly and that your system will last for many years.

Our technicians have years of experience with mini-split installation. They will discuss your system, your home, and your cooling needs. We make sure that your system is the right one for you, and we take the time to make sure that we install every component correctly and inspect it thoroughly before we sign off on the job.

Schedule your Mini-Splits System Service Today

If you need mini-split maintenance or if you’ve decided that you’re ready for mini-splits in Bonney Lake, WA, there is no better choice than Pristine Air Services. Just give us a call at (253) 277-3557, and we’ll send a technician to evaluate your current cooling system and discuss your future air conditioning needs.