Professional Furnace Repair Services in Bonney Lake, WA

Best Residential Furnace Repair Services in Bonney Lake, WA

Is your furnace giving you the cold shoulder? The second your furnace stops responding to you turning up the heat, your indoor climate can prove brutal in the darker Washington months. 

With our years of experience in the business, there’s no furnace repair in Bonney Lake, WA, that we at Pristine Air Services haven’t been able to accomplish. Our highly trained furnace experts have the know-how to examine and repair any part of your furnace with ease and accuracy. They’ll get your system functioning to the fullest of its ability within one visit.

When you’re ready for gold-level service that comes with ACE-certified technicians and the newest tools in the business, contact the professionals at Pristine Air Services.

 Furnace Repair Bonney Lake, WA

Dependable Furnace Repair Services in Bonney Lake, WA

Being the most dependable furnace repair service in your area means more than simply making same-day house calls and repairing your heating system for years of optimal use. It also means passing on our years of education to each customer at no cost to them. Below is a list of things you should try to alleviate your concerns and get your furnace up and active again before deciding to call Pristine Air Services:  

  • Thermostat Malfunctionings: If your furnace isn’t heating, check to make sure your thermostat settings haven’t toggled from the “heat” option, causing the furnace not to turn on. However, if you’re still not getting a reading, try switching out the batteries. If these don’t work, it may be an electrical wiring problem, so call us for furnace services in Bonney Lake, WA.
  • Dirty Filters: As with your AC or HVAC unit, regularly cleaning or changing your furnace filter is key to a productive system. Our rule of thumb is to change your filter or clean it with mild soap and water every three months to rid it of dander, dirt, and dust. However, if you have pets or your air quality is relatively low where you live (such as on a farm or near industrialized buildings), consider changing the filter every month or two. 
  • Tripped Breaker: Sometimes, the problem isn’t with your furnace specifically. If your furnace has stopped working abruptly, check your electrical panel where you can switch back on or restart your breaker. If this doesn’t work, you may need furnace repair in Bonney Lake, WA.

We don’t waste our customers’ time or make a problem seem bigger than it is. Therefore, we urge you to try these simple fixes above. If you need assistance while conducting these procedures, we’ll provide a walk-through when you call us today!

Your Best Source for Quality Furnace Repair

If DIY fixes aren’t cutting it, you may benefit from a residential furnace repair in Bonney Lake, WA. Our fully licensed technicians are available five days a week for scheduled repairs and around the clock for emergency repairs in your area. Here are just a few common concerns and the quality furnace repairs we cover that’ll transform your household heating: 

  • Higher Utility Bills: While cleaning your filters alleviates some of the strain you put on your furnace by allowing proper airflow, a broken limit switch or a faulty heat exchanger causes short-cycling, which, if left untreated, leads to more extensive repairs over time.
  • Change in Flame Color: If your furnace flame is yellow rather than blue, evacuate your home and contact us immediately. More often than not, it’s a sign of a carbon monoxide leak. Another sign that you have a leak is if household members have constant headaches, burning nose or eyes, or other symptoms of illness.
  • Unusual Noises: Banging, clanking, or hissing means anything from loose or broken parts to your furnace reaching the end of its 15-20 year lifespan—call us for a more in-depth analysis.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

When you rely on Pristine Air Services for furnace repair in Bonney Lake, WA, trust that our qualified technicians will run a full diagnostic test to determine the root problems and solve them accordingly. Our written 100% satisfaction guarantee shows we stand behind our technicians’ work and the products we use from our high-end manufacturing partner companies.

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To take advantage of our 100% satisfaction guarantee alongside our product and service warranties, call Pristine Air Services. We’ll provide a quality furnace repair in Bonney Lake, WA, and we’ll start you off with a free estimate when you call (253) 277-3557 today!